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I dreamt of her again.

How I wish it was real~ How i wish it could last…

We were sitting in the  back seat of a car… her warm hands were in mine again… our eyes meet … she hesitated and looked away… I gently cupped her soft face between my hands…slowly leaned forward for the kiss..


Well it was nice while it last.. how is she doing? she didn’t reply my sms last month.. may be I should ask her out again.. They say you shouldn’t have a relationship with your Ex again.. well I don’t give a damn.. I’ll wait for her for as long as I like.


QR code

A QR code with a link to my blog

Seen any of these anywhere?

  Was walking around Sunway today and saw an icon like this pasted on the glass of one of the shops. I asked my friend about it and he told me it’s a QR code (Quick response), where you can use your android phone and scan it for information. Something like a bar code. He showed me how to use it. He scan the image with his phone and it  links to a website showing the list shop’s list of product.. Cool~  I was fascinated by it. The QR code works just like a physical hyperlink!~

I googled it when I got home and found out that this was created by a automobile company in Japan in 1994. They initially used it to track parts in manufacturing.  I also found out that you can make your own QR code online, and choose what information to store. Anyone with a QR code reader ( easily down-loaded in a phone ) can then scan and read the info, whether it is a hyperlink, text, or numbers.. the QR code in this post actually is a link to this blog!  I urge you to try it~ ^^

The use of QR codes is free of any license. The QR code is clearly defined and published as an ISO standard. Denso Wave owns the patent rights on QR codes, but has chosen not to exercise them.  (bless them)   — wiki

There are a lot of uses of this QR code . Here’s a link ===>>