I believe she’ll be next. I have chosen her to be the object of my affection. Now that I have chosen, what awaits me now, is the test of time.. the slow test of my patience.. to show her what I am made of..  She seems to know this as well.

Will I be able to tame her heart? will her passion for her pass love out last mine? will she be able to see me as who I am, and accept me into her life? I’m overjoyed that she seems to warm to me slowly… I smile every time i think of our possibilities ..  ^^

I lie awake thinking of what she needs of me.. of how I can compliment each other.. I’ve learned from experience that hastiness is counterproductive, but sitting idle will accomplish little. How then should I proceed? Love, as life, has no definite solutions or answers.. I should just trust my judgements. It’s the best action to take..

A diamond being examined