It’s been.. nov, dec, jan, feb… SIX months since my last post.. walau… hey, been busy what~ it’s not like anyone’s READING this right? right? ^^ 

Anyway, if you’re curious , it didn’t worked out between me and her since the last post. She seems to be ignoring me after a few weeks. ignores my sms, my chat, my invitation to dinner.. so i got the message, and stopped bugging her… one of her friends wants to tie the string between us, but i guess it’s not going to happen. I’m not planing to “win her over” if she’s not over her ex.. you might say i was just “playing around” with her.. what ever.. I told her friend i couldn’t bear a one sided affection, especially if she doesn’t seem to want to even BE with me.. 

She’s seems to be doing good lately. Looks prettier by the day! Seems like she got her confidence back~ going out alot more with her friends.. Not sure if she’s recovered from her heps C though.. didn’t manage to ask if she completed  her injection course.. should have by now.. I’ll try and ask her sometime.. 

Anyway, it’s a short sem now. just 1 core, 1 coco.. the midterm was hilarious.. Full marks!  I repeat . FULL MARKS!  \(^.^)/   Realized halfway that the lecturer make the answers to form  a D,B,C,A pattern.. so the answer was d,b,c,a,d,b,c,a,d,b….. Thank You!!! just followed the pattern for questions i wasn’t sure of.. Hahaha.. now if my assignment’s good, an A might just be in reach! Hurray~ 

There’s some more interesting things this pass 6 months, but since it’s getting late, i’ll leave it till my next post if i’m free.. haha.. FULL MARKS! Fui yo~