Why do people blog? I presume if you ask your friends that blogs, you’ll get a variety of reasons. Some do it to share their opinion, details of their lives,  for the love of writing and even money. And then there are people who blog because friends around them is blogging.

I’m not an avid blogger. I don’t have the discipline to blog everyday, and it’s also time consuming. Spend half an hour writing b4 sleep, and times the number by 300 days. The only good thing is it helps me organize my  thoughts, and improve my writing. Google the benefits of blogging, and you’ll find all sorts of benefits regarding blogging. Maybe i should start now? We’ll see.

Now that leads to another interesting question==> Who do people READ blogs anyway?

Unless it’s a close friend of yours or if you’re interested in that someone, I see little reason why someone would like to read someone else’s personal blog. All the blog I bookmarked are those of friends in my Uni, or people I find interesting.

What do you think about all this? Do you blog frequently ? Why do you read the blogs you read? Why did you even read my blog? ^^